Birds of New Guinea: Distribution, Taxonomy, and Systematics

Birds of New Guinea: Distribution, Taxonomy, and Systematics
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New Guinea, the largest tropical island, supports a spectacular bird fauna characterised by cassowaries, megapodes, pigeons, parrots, kingfishers, and owlet-nightjars, as well as the iconic birds of paradise and bowerbirds. Of the nearly 800 species of birds recorded from New Guinea, more than 350 are found nowhere else on Earth. This comprehensive annotated checklist of distribution, taxonomy, and systematics of the birds of New Guinea is the first formal review of this avifauna since Ernst Mayr's Checklist, published in 1941 and includes 75 bird species new to the region. This new book brings together all the systematic, taxonomic, and distributional research conducted on the region's bird families over the last 70 years.

Bruce Beehler and Thane Pratt provide the scientific foundation for the names, geographic distributions, and systematic arrangement of New Guinea's bird fauna. All technical information is annotated and a geographic gazetteer and bibliography are included. Birds of New Guinea: Distribution, Taxonomy, and Systematics is an ideal complement to the Birds of New Guinea field guide also published by Princeton, and is an essential technical reference for all scientific libraries, ornithologists, and those interested in bird classification.

Hardback. 672 pages. 14 colour illustrations. 2 maps.

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