Opticron Photo Adapter Push Fit 44: reducer sleeve (41117 & 41118)

Our Price:  £10.99

Brand:  Opticron

Opticron Product Codes: 41117; 41118

Fitting smaller diameter eyepieces to the Photoadapter Push Fit 44

The 41111 Photoadapter Push Fit 44 can be used with smaller diameter eyepieces by replacing the inner sleeve supplied with on of the following reducer sleeves:

a. 41117 reducer 44~40 enabling connecting to HR2 40930, HR2 40931, IS 40916S and 40918S eyepieces

b. 41118 reducer 44~37 enabling connection to fold down rubber eyecup versions of HDF eyepieces 40810 and 40809

* These are approximate figures based on 35mm SLR cameras. D-SLR cameras use different size image sensors compared to 35mm and so an equivalent conversion figure must be calculated separately

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