Opticron Telephoto Adapter

Opticron Telephoto Adapter
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Telephotography (taking high magnification photographs) is now easier than ever to enjoy using Opticron telescopes in conjunction with SLR & D-SLR cameras. In this system the camera lens is substituted for the telescope and coupled directly to the SLR camera body using either a telephoto adapter or an eyepiece and photoadapter combination. T-mounts, available for nearly all makes of SLR cameras are needed to connect the assembly to the camera body. It should be noted that while it is possible to take perfectly acceptable high magnification photographs of wildlife in a wide range of environments using a telescope as a telephoto lens, the relatively small apertures, fields of view and depth of focus put an upper limit on the quality of the final image and one’s ability to successfully frame shots at close range.

The chart below shows the current range of telephotoadapters and photoadapters available to enable you to convert your Opticron telescope into a long focal length telephoto lens.

Notes. Focusing is facilitated on the telescope. Camera may need to be operated in 'MANUAL' mode with shutter locks disengaged where necessary. The high magnification to aperture ratios result in slower shutter speeds compared with conventional telephoto lenses so ISO400+ settings are suggested when using D-SLRs. If possible use a cable release or remote control to reduce camera shake when operating the shutter.

For use with HR 66 (800mm/f.12), HR 80 (900mm/f.11.3), ES 80 (950mm/f.11.9), ES 100 (1250mm/f.12.5), GS 52 (530mm/f.10), GS 665 (750mm/f.11.3), MM2 52 (530mm/f.10), IS 60 (700mm/f.11.7)

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