Birds of Thailand (hardback)

Birds of Thailand (hardback)
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Hardback edition

The essential guide for birding in Thailand. Thailand is the most popular South-East Asian country for birders. If you are looking for a combination of extremely rich biodiversity and good infrastructure, you will find that Thailand has everything you could wish for at any time of the year.

The latest field guide, Birds of Thailand, will help you identify all the 1049 species recorded in the country to date, including the 20 species endemic or near-endemic to Thailand.

Dramatic hornbills, colourful but skulking pheasants and pittas, and gaudy broadbills all occur in Thailand. One of the rarest birds in the world, Spoon-billed Sandpiper, still winters close to Bangkok and attracts a regular stream of birdwatchers every season, while one of the most iconic birds in Asia, White-eyed River Martin, might yet be re-found in one of the country’s little-visited corners.

This new guide is the first title of a new series: Lynx and BirdLife International Field Guides: a modern, standardized collection of field guides.

What can you expect of the field guides that make up this new collection?

QR code for each species, linking to the Internet Bird Collection gallery of photos, videos and sounds.
Subspecies ranges denoted separately on the maps.
Illustrations of birds in flight, juveniles and non-breeding plumages.
Subspecies groups given full accounts.
Local species names and local conservation status for each.
Taxonomy is consistent throughout the series.

Taxonomy follows the HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World.

The detailed texts for each species cover:

Habitat and behaviour
Age, sex and geographical variation
Confusion species

The texts focus on separation of adults from juveniles, males from females, distinguishing marks for different subspecies, and of course how to separate a given species from close confusion species. For example, it explains how to differentiate the many species of Accipiter hawk in Thailand, by focusing on characters such as the type and number of bands on the tail, the presence or absence of a mesial throat streak, general structure and size (‘jizz’) and the number of primary ‘fingers’.

Thailand is one of the few countries in Asia to boast more than 1000 recorded bird species. This field guide describes all of them, and gives you all the graphic resources you need to identify them.

1049 species; 20 endemics or near-endemics, 5 introduced, 1 reintroduced, 58 vagrants.

2200 illustrations cover all species and distinctive subspecies, birds in flight, males and females, juveniles and non-breeding plumages, where appropriate.

Over 1025 distribution maps.

And you’ll also find an index of scientific, English and Thai names and a quick index to the main groups of birds.

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