Birdwatching in Northern Greece - a site guide: 2nd edition

Birdwatching in Northern Greece - a site guide: 2nd edition



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Going birdwatching in Northern Greece? You need this book! It is the most detailed and up-to-date guide available for the area.

Dave Gosney writes, 'I found this book to be really useful on my last trip to northern Greece. It’s an area I’d already visited many times but this book introduced me to several new and fantastic sites, described in the sort of idiot-proof detail that I also apply to my own titles. Without it I would have missed out on several really good birds. Oh, and by the way, northern Greece was just FANTASTIC for birds. I’d forgotten just how good it was. So many great sites.'

This extensive 174-page book, published in 2011, contains up-to-date information on all major sites in Northern Greece. The new edition has: 75% more pages revised, extended and updated sections on Lake Kerkini, Evros Delta, Porto Lagos, Nestos, Lake Ismarida and Dadia Forest new sites included for the first time such as the Amvrakikos Gulf, Kalamas Delta, Prespa Lakes and Mount Paggeo detailed maps and descriptions of the areas around Thessaloniki, including the Axios-Aliakmon-Loudias region, Alikes Kitrous, Nea Agathoupoli and (on the eastern shore) Angelohori and the Epanomi lagoons 8 more sites in the Kerkini area and new sites in the Evros Hills more general information on lots of other sites, including Mount Olympus, Lake Karla, the Rodopi and Pindos Mountains more detailed maps and directions throughout GPS (Global Positioning System) data to be used by those with SAT NAVs or GPS equipment, such as those on mobile phones.

This extensive 174-page book, published in 2011, is the only book to have! The entry for each site includes detailed directions, updated maps and reliable info on what you might see, when and where.

There is a current status list for birds of the region, a checklist of birds of Greece and colour photos of the region's speciality species. Steve Mills has been visiting these areas for over 15 years, at different times of year, and has a wealth of experience to draw upon.

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