British Birds DVD Video Guide: 130 species edition

British Birds DVD Video Guide: 130 species edition

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A 2-DVD set featuring fabulous footage of the 130 species most frequently seen in Britain. All new commentaries plus detailed reference. At BirdGuides we have been filming birds in Britain, Europe and North America for more than a decade. For this edition we have started from the ground up and assembled, with brand new commentaries, the very best footage from our extensive library to illustrate the widest range of plumages and behaviours.

The recent footage is shot in high definition, and we’ve used this superb quality wherever possible. For each extended species account, the bird is introduced with some distinctive aspect of the bird’s character. We then go on to explain identification first by sight and then by sound. The standard plumages are discussed first, followed by less commonly encountered variations. Finally we discuss distribution both in the UK and in Europe. These DVDs present the fruits of many hundreds of hours out birding in the field. We have certainly enjoyed producing it and we hope it gives you many hours of pleasure while adding to your appreciation of our wild birds.

Running time over 8 hours

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