Cullmann FLEXX Touring Set

Cullmann FLEXX Touring Set
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As the name already suggests, the FLEXX Touring Set is primarily adapted to the needs of those photographers and videographers who mainly work outdoors. Consisting of six individual products, which can be combined with each other in the most different configurations, the FLEXX Touring Set guarantees a multitude of possible applications both outdoors and in the studio.

The greatest advantage of the FLEXX Touring Set is the high number of different applications. Secure fastening on smooth surfaces like glass or polished surfaces is guaranteed by the suction pod CS30. The rigid aluminium multi clamp CC60 with four different 1/4 inch connection threads offers perfect hold for perfect photos both outdoors and in the studio. The anodised aluminium earth spike, combined with the camera plate and the ball head CROSS CB6.1n, is the ideal tool for the nature photographer. The compact tripod NANOMAX 400T is especially designed for photographers who like to travel with a backpack. Its small packing dimension of only 28cm cm allows to stow this tripod easily and quickly in the backpack. The products can be safely stored in a high-quality transport bag which is specifically designed for the contents of the FLEXX Touring Set. The FLEXX Touring Set as well as all other FLEXX products come with a 10 year warranty after you have registered your product.

The advantages:

•6-piece FLEXX Touring Set with practical products especially for outdoor use, but also for use in the studio
•Sturdy storage bag for safe and comfortable transport
•Rigid, practical and small - the ideal photo and video accessories for outdoor use
•Unlimited number of setup variants through compatibility of all FLEXX products
•Stable multi clamp CC60 made of aluminium die-cast with 60 mm clamping distance and four 1/4 inch connection threads
•Anodised aluminium earth spike for outdoor macro photography close to the ground
•In combination with or without the ball head CROSS CB6.1n the suction pod CS30 guarantees a secure hold for unusual perspectives
•NANOMAX 400T – the perfect tripod for your backpack. Small packing dimension, stable design, low weight and maximum flexibility
•Compatible with products of external manufacturers with standard 1/4 inch connection thread
•10 year warranty

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