Kowa TSN-99A Prominar Angled Spotting Scope with 40x Extreme Wide Eyepiece

Kowa TSN-99A Prominar Angled Spotting Scope with 40x Extreme Wide Eyepiece

Brand:  Kowa Optics

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Available to purchase from the 1st October 2021

Kowa TSN-99A PROMINAR TE-80XW 40x Kowa Extreme Wide Eyepiece Kit

Kowa TSN-99A PROMINAR angled spotting scope body
Kowa TE-80XW 40x Extreme Wide Eyepiece

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A large 99mm pure fluorite crystal objective lens paired with a Kowa XD concave lens produces superior lowlight performance and exquisite detail. This special combination combined with improved optical coatings virtually eliminates chromatic aberration even at high magnification.

The dual focus mechanism is the gateway to controlling the image between your eye and the scope. exquisite engineering is refined to make operation flawless. Quick focus allows for fast action to bring your subject in to detail in just a few smooth revolutions, whilst Fine focus gives pin-point, finger-tip control offering the ultimate in focussing accuracy.

Utilising a100% magnesium alloy structure, the TSN-99 PROMINAR series spotting scope is one of the most compact and lightweight in its class of large objective spotting scopes making it more portable than many other models.

A fully waterproof and nitrogen sealed shell plus Kowa KR coating on the optics makes the scope reassuringly rugged.

The TSN-99 PROMINAR is 100% compatible with our KOWA SYSTEM accessory range giving you access to Interchangeable eyepieces, accessories and digiscoping adapters for DSLR cameras and smartphones - creating a truly flexible optical tool for many applications.


Objective Lens Effective Diameter: 99mm

Objective Lens Material: Fluorite Crystal

Minimum Focusing Distance: 6m

Length: 378mm

Weight: 1810g

Filter thread: 105mm

The TE-80XW eyepiece is the evolution of over six decades of Japanese optical design and technology. It utilises the very best from our optical heritage and benefits from features, technology and engineering developed by generations of Kowa optical experts.

The Kowa TE-80XW is 100% waterproof and sealed to protect against the elements. Use it with absolute confidence in the harshest of environments. Kowa’s unique KR coating is applied to the lens with enhanced protection against dirt, moisture and dust.

A true optical innovation. Kowa engineers have developed one of the most immersive visual experiences you can expect to see in a sporting optic device.

Featuring an advanced optical design, the view through Kowa TE-80XW

Extreme wide angle eyepiece can only be described as breath taking.

Incorporating a field flattener and XD lens to produce a view that is completely uniform and ultra sharp across the entire image and virtually zero chromatic aberration.

Fully waterproof and sealed against the elements. Additional KR coating applied to the lens to actively reduce the build up of dust, dirt and other particles.

Digiscoping game-changer - enjoy vignette free, ultra sharp images.

100% compatible with Kowa SYSTEM accessories including the TSN-EX16 - 1.6x extender for magnification up to 64x when paired with TSN-99 series

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