Leica Cleaning Kit

Leica Cleaning Kit

Brand:  Leica Optics

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The Leica Optics cleaning set is perfect for removing dust, dirt and fingerprints from our premium optics. Regardless of whether it is a camera lens, binoculars or other optical surfaces, the set is optimally designed for the gentle cleaning of high-quality lenses. The set includes a bag, an adjustable, soft optics cleaning brush for gently removing fine particles and dust, a spray bottle with Ballistol cleaning fluid and a microfibre optics cleaning cloth. The optimally coordinated components ensure a streak-free, shiny clean, grease-free surface and guarantee brilliant images and a clear view.

Simple usability
Practical bag
Adjustable brush
Well-known cleaning fluid
Experienced cleaning cloth

What's Included
Optics cleaning brush
Spray bottle with Ballistol cleaning fluid
Microfibre optics cleaning cloth

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