The most amazing birds to see in Britain

The most amazing birds to see in Britain



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Witness the extraordinary displays of a courting grey heron as he stretches, strains or curtsies, emitting a peculiar 'hoo' or a gurgling 'ooh'. Watch a black grouse fan his tail, mincing, crowing and cooing, or observe the clash of beaks as a pair of gannets meet in a mutual fencing display. In this fascinating bird guide, you'll discover when and where to spot more than 100 of Britain's most unusual, intriguing and eye-catching birds at their most spectacular. Distribution maps and calendar charts indicate where and when each bird can be seen.

The book consists of species descriptions, including notes on identification, nesting, feeding and size, organised into six chapters, on gardens and parks, farmland, woodland, mountains and moorland, wetlands, and coast. Paperback, 256 pages, colour pictures and colour illustrations. Published by The Reader's Digest

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