Trekking Safari Classic Photo Harness

Trekking Safari Classic Photo Harness
Trekking Safari Classic Photo HarnessTrekking Safari Classic Photo HarnessTrekking Safari Classic Photo Harness
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A super harness that spreads the weight across the back leaving your hands free and your neck free of pain. Held snuggly against the tummy in a free moving manner, the camera's weight acts as the securer. The harness can also take binoculars at chest level. The camera moves easily up and down by being slipped along the harness front, yet is held securely against the body when bending down. Ideal when carrying rucksacks as the harness does not impede it.

  * Harness for medium to heavy SLR camera that remove the pain from your neck and shoulders

  * Each buckle can take up to 15kg spreading the weight across your back

  * Ideal for women: the straps are on the side and the weight is spread just right on the lower part of the rib cage.

  * Designed for people of medium build measuring less than 185cm

  * Camera remains free moving yet secure: when bending down the camera stays close to the body

  * Winner of a gold medal in Geneva's Salon de l'Invention

The harness can be adapted to take two cameras by using the cross system. If you have an extensive camera collection, the camera buckles can 'ready' your cameras to be clipped onto your harness.

If you prefer the security of a bag whilst trekking, the Kangaroo bags can be clipped onto your harness and so can the laptop station.

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