Vortex Lenspen

Vortex Lenspen

Brand:  Vortex

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Key Features:

Safe to Use on ALL Lenses

Flexible Cleaning Tip

Non-Liquid Cleaning Compound

Will NOT Spill or Dry Out

Reduces Static Build-Up

Fits Easily into ANY Pocket or Bag

The retractable brush, made of soft, natural bristles, is used to dust away any hard particles. The unique tip which holds the special LensPen cleaning compound flexes, matching the contours of the lens.

By applying gentle pressure on the lens and using smooth circular motions, any smudges will be removed instantly with LensPen.

Besides protecting the tip, the special LensPen cap replenishes the tip with cleaning compound each time it is replaced and twisted a half turn.

VORTEX LENSPEN Questions & Answers

Is Lenspen environmentally friendly?
Yes! LensPen requires no solvents and, unlike lens tissues, creates no waste.

Is Lenspen safe for all lenses?
Absolutely. The cleaning tip of LensPen consists of the softest suitable materials, and is assembled in a 'clean room' environment. This assures that the cleaning tip is free of any unwanted substances. Independent lab tests confirm that LensPen is safe for all lenses and lens coatings even after prolonged use. In fact, microscopic photographs show that unlike other systems, LensPen is absolutely safe for all your lenses. Moreover, the unique cap of LensPen is also designed to keep the cleaning tip protected while not in use.

Why does LensPen leave a black mark on my finger, but not on the lens?
LensPen's cleaning compound is carbon based, similar to a pencil lead. It leaves black marks on all surfaces which are not very, very smooth.

Will LensPen clean spectacles?
Technically, the process works fine. The problems revolve around ergonomics and the fact that eyeglass lenses get very dirty and have both convex and concave surfaces. Itís unwieldy to use in its current form.

How long will LensPen last?
This depends on how dirty the lens is and what type of contaminant is present. LensPen was tested by removing 500 fingerprints in a row from a lens with no discernible loss of cleaning quality.

Why does LensPen leave a residue on my lenses after I clean them?
Excess cleaning compound might be left on the lens after cleaning. If this occurs, pat the tip on a clean chamois or a clean soft cloth to remove the excess compound from the cleaning tip. Pressurised air or a 'blower brush' will also work to blow off any excess compound on the lens.

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