Birder's Conservation Handbook: 100 North American Birds at Risk

Birder's Conservation Handbook: 100 North American Birds at Risk
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Until now there has been no single, comprehensive resource on the status of North America's most threatened birds and what people can do to help protect them. Birder's Conservation Handbook is the only book of its kind, written specifically to help birders and researchers understand the threats while providing actions to protect birds and their habitats. Jeffrey Wells has distilled vast amounts of essential information into a single easy-to-use volume-required reading for anyone who loves birds and wants to ensure they are protected. At-a-glance species accounts cover in detail North America's one hundred most at-risk birds; each account is beautifully illustrated by today's top bird artists. The text includes status, distribution, ecology, threats, conservation actions and needs, and references. A distribution map accompanies each entry. Chapters discuss birds as indicators of environmental health, the state of North American bird populations, major conservation issues, and initiatives now underway to improve the health of North America's birds.

Birder's Conservation Handbook is an indispensable resource for birdwatchers, researchers, naturalists, and conservationists. Reading it will inspire you to become an active steward of our birds and the habitats we share.

A comprehensive guide to North America's one hundred most at-risk birds and how to protect them
Compact and easy to use, with beautiful illustrations and data organized for convenient, at-a-glance reference
Detailed species accounts, including distribution maps
Practical advice on conservation
Information on leading conservation agencies and resources


'In addition to the species account and useful tips, Wells' book includes useful information on the status of many other species in the continental United States as well as Hawaii and Mexico, lists of environmental organizations and other useful links. This is a book you will want to use often. It is a welcome addition to bird conservation literature.' - Tom Palmer, Lakeland Ledger

'An important summary of the state of bird conservation in North America....A reader-friendly and outstanding resource to bird conservation activity that could serve as a benchmark for many years to come. We strongly recommend this title.' - Birding Community E-Bulletin

'If you love birds and birding, get this book....The Birder's Conservation Handbook should prove to be a valuable guide to us all toward a future where birds continue to be abundant and a source of inspiration to our society.' - Mark S. Garland, Tigrina Times

'A no-nonsense guide to declining bird populations and what can be done to reverse their slide.' - Mary Ann Gwinn, Seattle Times

'A great resource for anyone interested in making a difference in the future of the continent's imperiled bird life.' - Lexington Herald Leader

'A fine and needed reference.' - Gerry Rising, Buffalo News

'A considerable amount of information about the perils facing some of our feathered friends, including the emperor goose, yellow-billed loon and rusty blackbird. Some may say conservation is for the birds, but would the world really be a better place without the elegance of the trumpeter swan?' - John Mark Eberhart, Kansas City Star.

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