Kowa TSN-AR42 GT Adapter Ring

Kowa TSN-AR42 GT Adapter Ring

Brand:  Kowa Optics

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The TSN-AR42GT is the perfect accessory for those wishing to digiscope with the Kowa TSN-DA10 or TSN-DA20 digiscoping adapters.

The TSN-AR42GT features a standard 42mm T2 fitting thread allowing connection of any standard 42mm T2 ring from any camera system allowing you to connect your camera body direct to the Kowa TSN-DA10 or TSN-DA20 digiscoping adapters without a lens.

The adapter ring incorporates a glass layer to protect your camera sensor from dirt and dust entering whilst digiscoping.

Connection method - Direct to camera body (no lens)

1. TSN-DA10 or TSN-DA20 inner collar replaces eye-relief cup (sold separately).
2. TSN-DA10 or TSN-DA20 outer collar secures on to TSN-DA10 or TSN-DA20 inner collar.
3. Kowa TSN-AR42 GT adapter ring.
4. Standard T2 ring (dependent on camera system, sold separately).
5. Camera body (not included).

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