Kowa TSN-Twist-Up Locker (2x Ring Set)

Kowa TSN-Twist-Up Locker (2x Ring Set)
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This new eyepiece twist-up locker system is extremely simple but will have a big and positive impact for smartphone digiscopers and the way they currently use their equipment.

The Problem
As smartphones have become more sophisticated, the demand for larger displays and specification has increased. This has made many of the latest smartphone models not only physically larger in size but also heavier. These devices now offer DSLR quality results and control with incredible images and video available at a digiscopers fingertips.

For the best smartphone digiscoping results, it is often essential that the eyepiece eye relief cap is engaged to create a sweet spot between camera lens and eyepiece. Without engaging eye relief, digiscoping results can be dramatically reduced with increased vignetting covering the image. Applying eye relief removes this negative effect and the amount of eye relief depends very much on the individual lens of the smartphone.

The major problem encountered by smartphone users when engaging eye relief on the eyepiece is that the weight of the smartphone and adapter puts increased pressure on the eye-relief cap resulting in the eye-relief cap slipping back to it’s default position. To combat this problem, digiscopers have to shoot in portrait mode (vertical) meaning landscape images and video is not possible. Shooting video in vertical mode is particularly restrictive and makes playback on TVs and other devices disappointing.

The Solution
The twist-up locking rings provide the perfect solution by locking the eyecup in the desired position for perfect eye-relief. This means that even large smartphone models can easily take photos or videos in landscape format without the adapter being hand held in position to prevent slipping. The twist-up locking rings have been developed for the eyepieces of the TSN-99/880/770 spotting scope series.
The set includes two locking rings, one thin and one thick. These rings can be used individually or combined offering three variations of eye-relief depth from minimum to maximum.

Compatible eyepieces:

Current models: TE-11WZ II (25-60x / 30-70x Wide Zoom), TE-80XW (35x / 40x Extreme Wide)

Models no longer available: TE-11WZ (25-60x / 30-70x Wide Zoom), TE-10Z (20-60x / 23-70x Zoom), TE-17W (30x / 35x Wide

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