Lake Kerkini: Portrait of a Wetland - North Eastern Greece

Lake Kerkini: Portrait of a Wetland - North Eastern Greece
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Lake Kerkini National Park, in north-eastern Greece, is a beautiful, little known and globally important nature reserve. The wetland and associated forests, mountains and pastoral habitats are hosts to a wide variety of up to 300 species of breeding, passage and over-wintering birds. See Dalmation and white pelicans, pygmy cormorants, flamingos, raptors, passerines plus many thousands of waterbirds. Add to this a rich environment of flora, butterflies, dragonflies and other varied wildlife all waiting to be discovered.

This travelogue features the changing seasons throughout the year, giving a guide as to when to go and what you are likely to see. A truly wonderful destination - easy to get to, comfortable places to stay, easy access to bird-rich habitats and still as yet relatively unknown.

Presented and produced by Malcolm Rymer.

Filmed by Peter Swayne and Malcolm Rymer.

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