Opticron Universal Tele-Adapter (UTA)

Opticron Universal Tele-Adapter (UTA)
 Opticron Universal Tele-Adapter (UTA)Opticron Universal Tele-Adapter (UTA) 
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The Opticron Universal Tele-Adapter (UTA) enables you to increase the magnification of your Opticron binocular or telescope + eyepiece combination by a factor of 2. Fitted to a binocular, the 40951 UTA converts one half into a higher powered long eye relief monocular. It also connects to Opticron SDL, HDF, HR and IS eyepieces. Featuring a long eye relief eyepiece and fitted with a twist type retractable eyecup, the UTA 2x is compatible with a wide range of different eyepieces as it is supplied as two separate components:

40951 2x body only.

A connection ring

How to choose the correct connection ring:

To find the correct connection ring to match your eyepiece please refer to the list below or measure the diameter of your eyepiece lens to see if one of the connection rings suits your instrument. The measurements provided below are the internal diameters of each connection ring in mm. If you are unable to locate the correct connection ring please contact us by telephone or e-mail.

40941 42.5~41.3mm     DBA VHD, BGA Classic, Oregon 4 LE WP and Savanna WP 

40942 42~41.3mm      Countryman BGA HD, Imagic TGA WP and WP Monocular 8x30

40943 44.3mm    Imagic BGA SE, Verano BGA HD, Explorer WA, T3 Trailfinder, WP Monocular 8x32, HDF T 40810 and HR2 40933 eyepieces 

40944 40mm     HR WP, Traveller BGA Mg, Savanna R, IS 40916S IS 40918S HR2 40930 and HR2 40931 eyepieces

40945 34.6mm     SR.GA, Fixed mag. 

40947P Push Fit     DBA Monocular and BGA Monocular

40948 50~49.5mm     HDF T 40862 eyepiece

40949 52.5~51.26mm     SDL 40936 eyepiece

To order a connection ring, see below

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