Raptors and Owls of Georgia

Raptors and Owls of Georgia
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The first comprehensive field guide to all raptors and owls recorded in Georgia (Caucasus region), describing 45 species including breeding birds, seasonal residents, migrants, and rare visitors. Includes accurate and practical information on identification, behaviour, confusing species, habitat, food source, nesting, and population status of each species within Georgia.

There are over 400 colour illustrations depicting plumage variation for each species according to age, sex, and race, including behaviour and habitat compositions pertinent to the region. The innovative layout is specifically designed for accurate use in the field, dedicating each page-spread to a single species. For quick reference there are dynamic raptor-flight arrangements accompanied by captions for keying-out comparative information about plumage according to age, wing posture, and flight type.

In addition, there are colour distribution maps for every species according to its status within Georgia as a breeding bird, a seasonal resident, a year-round resident, or a passage migrant. 128 pages, Colour illustrations and maps.

'This is a super little book and there is plenty of information and good illustrations showing different views and ID features making it a very useful book to carry when you are birding in Europe - its small enough not to take up much luggage (or even pocket) space yet has the majority of raptors and owls you could see anywhere in Europe. The book is compact so this review will be too. Buy it - you will help conservation and have a very useful addition to your travelling library' - fatbirder.com

'Very good quality illustrations cover the adult appearance, with smaller annotated illustrations showing age, sex and flight details. The accompanying text, in two languages, give brief descriptions of the species' characteristics, habits and habitats. An excellent book for anyone travelling to that part of the world.' - BTO News.

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