Shrikes of the World

Shrikes of the World
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'This long-awaited update to the acclaimed first edition is the definitive guide to a complex and intriguing family. The species accounts and taxonomic treatments have been fully revised in line with recent studies, and the all-new plates and photos complete this remarkable work. Highly recommended.' – Dominic Mitchell

Beautiful, colourful, often fearless hunters of large insects and small vertebrates, shrikes are among the most admired of all avian groups. The group is widespread (particularly in the Old World) with a large number of species, though many populations have plummeted in recent years, especially in Europe.

This is a second edition of Norbert Lefranc's Shrikes, fully updated from its 1997 predecessor. The introductory texts have been significantly expanded and six new sections have been added in the species accounts: vagrancy, foraging behaviour, breeding success, population trends, conservation and taxonomic notes. Special attention has been given to the latest developments in shrike systematics, not forgotten by the DNA revolution. The species accounts give information about the past and current distribution, along with threats and conservation status. Detailed and fully revised maps accompany the authoritative text, along with hundreds of high-quality photos showcasing racial and ageing differences as well as interesting aspects of shrike behaviour. An exceptional new series of plates by Tim Worfolk have been created, with more individual plumages shown than in the previous edition.

This beautiful book represents the definitive account of shrikes and their relationships, appearance, conservation and lifestyle; it will be treasured by birdwatchers and professional ornithologists alike.

Table of Contents
Style and layout of the book
Taxonomy and relationships
A brief historical approach
True shrike systematics
Overview of the genus Lanius
Overview of the genus Eurocephalus
Colour plates
Species accounts

Published: 22 December 2022

Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Pages: 336

Dimensions: 240x170 mm

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

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