Swarovski EL 8.5x42 W B Swarovision Binoculars

Swarovski EL 8.5x42 W B Swarovision Binoculars
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Brand:  Swarovski

The new Swarovski EL 8.5x42 W B Swarovision binoculars with FieldPro package combine maximum functionality, innovation and design. The unique wrap-around grip enables comfortable operation even with one hand. Low weight and excellent balance make light work of observation over long periods. The sophisticated top-class optical system delivers high-contrast, lifelike image quality. The new SWAROVSKI OPTIK FieldPro package takes comfort and functionality to a new level. Their perfect optical performance and precision, outstanding ergonomics, and revamped design add the finishing touches to this long-range optical masterpiece.

Top marks for optics and luminosity
The Swarovski EL 42 SWAROVISION binoculars are synonymous with crystal-clear image quality. This is guaranteed by the superior SWAROVISION technology developed by SWAROVSKI OPTIK. For instance, field flattener lenses produce a virtually flat image, thereby providing perfect edge-to-edge image sharpness. The HD optics reduce colour fringing, creating maximum colour contrast, while optimised coatings make for true-to-life, brighter images.

In the EL series, Swarovski Optik uses high-quality technologies such as the SWAROBRIGHT coating for maximum colour fidelity across the whole light spectrum or the SWAROTOP and SWARODUR coatings for bright, high-contrast images.

The non-stick effect of the SWAROCLEAN coating on the outer surface of the lens makes cleaning objective and eyepiece lenses considerably easier, above all when removing dried-on mineral residues (e.g. water marks due to condensation), insect repellents and tree resin. The lenses require less intensive cleaning which significantly increases the longevity of optical products.

Maximum comfort for all users
With SWAROVISION technology, the Swarovski EL 8.5x42 SWAROVISION binoculars offer an impressive unrestricted wide-angle field of view of 133m. Thanks to the larger exit pupil distance typical of this range of binoculars, spectacle wearers can also fully enjoy the crystal-clear image quality. The twist-in eyecups can be adapted individually to the person's requirements in 4 stages.

The Swarovski EL 42 SWAROVISION binoculars also stand for the ultimate in ergonomic design and are sure to impress right from the start. They come with the fully functional, legendary EL wrap-around grip, which guarantees users maximum stability during observation, even with just one hand. The large, grooved focusing wheel is particularly reliable and can also be easily operated when wearing gloves.

Premium quality down to the smallest detail
Like every product from SWAROVSKI OPTIK, all EL SWAROVISION binoculars are produced using the lowest possible production tolerances and undergo a 100% quality check.


  • Field flattener lenses: contrast right up to the image periphery

  • HD optics: maximum contrast & colour fidelity

  • Eye relief plus: 100 % field of view even for spectacle wearers

  • Maximum colour fidelity: through optimized coating of the lenses and prisms.

The history of SWAROVSKI OPTIK is shaped by many decisions of outstanding courage. These also include the development of EL SWAROVISION binoculars, which will convince you with their elegant design, ergonomic grasp and extreme functionality, and count among the best in optics.

Supplied accessories:

Storage Cloth Bag

Eyepiece Cover

Objective Lens Covers

Lift Carrying Strap Pro

Soap & Brush Kit


Field of view: 133m

Field of view (degrees): 7.6

Field of view for eyeglass wearers (degrees): 7.6 

Minimum Focus: 3.3m

Eye Relief: 20mm

Exit Pupil: 4.9mm

Dimensions: (Length with eyecups twisted in) 160mm x (Width) 131mm x (Height) 61mm

Weight: 800g

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