Swarovski TAs Tripod Adapter

Swarovski TAs Tripod Adapter
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The Swarovski TAs tripod adapter (Arca-Swiss compatible) is designed to allow quick, easy, and stable attachment of all NL Pure binoculars to the tripod.

From the middle of 2024, all Swarovski NL Pure models will be supplied with an integrated connection for the TAs-NL tripod adapter.

Tripod adapter compatible with:

NL Pure 32 (from serial number BD1425291A)

NL Pure 42 (from serial number AD1452771A)

NL Pure 52 (all models)

Retrofit option for NL Pure 32 (up to serial number BD1425291A) and NL Pure 42 (up to serial number AD1452771A) - please contact SWAROVSKI OPTIK Customer Service for more details.

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