Tanagers, Cardinals and Finches of the United States and Canada: The Photographic Guide

Tanagers, Cardinals and Finches of the United States and Canada: The Photographic Guide
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This is the first comprehensive photographic identification guide to tanagers, cardinals, and finches. Many of North America's finest bird and wildlife photographers have supplied a stunning collection of images, some of which depict plumages rarely available in other publications.

The 200 photographs have been carefully selected to illustrate age, seasonal, and sexual variation in all of the species found north of Mexico, including introduced species and vagrants. The text is designed to introduce the reader to the biology, identification, molts, vocalization, and distribution of the forty-six species covered. Each photograph is accompanied by a caption outlining relevant identification features, and original range maps illustrate the distributions of all the species that regularly occur north of Mexico. This is a must-have guide for field use by amateurs and professionals alike.

Images from North America's finest bird and wildlife photographers
Detailed notes on characteristics of species
Captions outlining relevant identification features


'Another in the excellent series of bird identification books issued by Princeton University Press. The text, by David Beadle and J.D. Rising, covers the basics of biology, identification, molts, vocalization and distribution of 46 species. The 200-plus photographs show most plumages as they vary by sex, age, and season. The photo captions point out salient identification features and the range maps are large enough to actually be useful' - Jim Williams, Minnesota Star Tribune

'The introduction includes background information and terminology making this guide accessible to all readers.' - Northeastern Naturalist

'Tanagers, Cardinals, and Finches of the United States and Canada is a beautiful addition to any birder's library. Although it is not designed as a field guide it would be an excellent book to consult before going out in the field and for review after having been in the field. I recommend it heartily and enjoyed it immensely.' - John Vooys, British Columbia Birds


'Beadle and Rising have done an excellent job in covering this diverse group of birds. The book is organized sensibly and scientifically and it is well written and informative.' - Brian Sullivan, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

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