Vanguard VEO PH-28 Pan & Tilt Head

Vanguard VEO PH-28 Pan & Tilt Head

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The Vanguard VEO PH-28 two-way pan head offers single-hand control for panning and tilting, letting you quickly and precisely follow your subject. The included QS-71P quick-release plate offers a firm foundation for your spotting scope, monocular, *binoculars, camera, or *smartphone (*requires separate adapter).

Complete control with a flick of the wrist thanks to handle-based locking system
Extendable handle is easy to fold for packing
Includes QS-71P quick-release plate
CNC-machined for precision and quality

This 2-way pan head CNC machined from lightweight aluminium alloy that delivers a maximum load capacity of up to 6kg, more that enough for any spotting scope.

All the movement is controlled by the one telescopic handle. Turning the handle anti-clockwise releases the lock, allowing the head to pan 360° and tilt from -90° to +30°. This delivers a smooth, intuitive movement and allows you to use one hand to follow a bird in flight, then lock off the movement when the bird has landed, while your other hand is free to control the focus and zoom on your spotting scope.

The head includes a long, slim Arca compatible QS-71P quick shoe with a non-twist spring pin that is designed for the foot of a spotting scope or long camera lens. The position of the 1/4" thread can be adjusted to ensure that the spring pin can slot into the non-twist hole on the base of any spotting scope. Fitted properly, this ensures that the quick release plate doesn't come lose in use.

Many manufacturers are designing the foot of their spotting scopes to be Arca compatible. This means you can attach the spotting scope directly to this tripod head without the need for the quick release plate for the most secure hold.

To attach to a tripod, there is a 3/8" thread hole in the base, with a 1/4" adaptor, allowing it to fit any tripod. That said, with a 50mm base, this head is designed for smaller, travel sized tripods. For larger tripods we recommend the VEO PH-28 which has a 58mm base.

All in all, this is a great tripod head to make the most of your spotting scope in the field.


Head Style 2-way Spotting Scope pan head

Handles 1

Arca Swiss Compatible Yes

Quick Release Plate QS-71P

Maximum Load Capacity 8kg

Separate Pan-Lock No

Friction Control No

Swivel 360° Tilt -90° to +30°

Spirit Bubble Levels 1

Length 230mm

Width 100mm

Height 85mm

Base Diameter 58mm

Head Attachment Thread 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch (global standard)

Weight 640g

Accessories Quick release plate and 1/4" to 3/8" adaptor

Suitable For Spotting Scope Yes

Suitable For Mirrorless Yes

Suitable For DSLR Yes

Warranty 2 Years

Extended Warranty 10 Years

Series VEO Heads

Colour Black

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