Kowa TSN-PA6 Digiscoping Digital SLR Camera Adapter

Kowa TSN-PA6 Digiscoping Digital SLR Camera Adapter
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The Kowa TSN-PA6 Digital SLR Camera Adapter allows your TSN-770 or TSN-880 series (77/88mm) spotting scope to be converted into an extreme ultra-telephoto lens, to be used with digital SLR cameras that feature the smaller APS-C or Four Thirds sensors. The 35mm equivalent focal length is approximately 1.5 times the focal length for an APS-C format digital camera and approximately 2 times for a Four Thirds format camera.

The TSN-PA6 Digital SLR Camera Adapter features a T-mount lens mount. You will also have to add a camera-specific T-mount adapter that matches your camera's specific lens mount.

Note: Your camera will need to be in fully manual exposure mode, although some brands of camera may also work in aperture-priority autoexposure mode. Additionally, if there is a switch on the camera which chooses the focus mode, that switch must indicate manual focusing.

You will need to take precautions to minimise vibrations, such as using a sturdy tripod, locking up the mirror if possible, as well as using a cable release or remote control to fire the shutter.

Key features:

Only for APS-C & 4:3 Format Cameras

600mm f/7.8 w/ 77mm Scopes

600mm f/6.8 w/ 88mm Scopes

Requires Camera-Specific T-Mount Adapter

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