Opticron Digital Compact Camera Adapter

Opticron Digital Compact Camera Adapter
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The 50065 DCC Adapter provides a secure connection between suitable compact cameras and selected HDF T, HDF, HR2 and HR eyepieces.

Suitable cameras are those that feature a 'fixed position' camera lens with an integral 28mm threaded lens housing or a 'variable position' camera lens that is supplied with an optional lens hood or extension tube that covers the lens as it extends and retracts.

Step rings needed to connect a lens hood or teleconverter tube to the 28mm external thread on the DCC Adapter can be obtained separately from specialist accessory suppliers.

The 50065 DCC adapter comprises an aluminium tube and locking ring that can be fitted with a number of split ring inserts of different diameters. Camera side, the adapter features a 28mm screw thread connection to the lens mount supporting the camera. Eyepiece side, the DCC adapter push-fits over specific HDF T, HDF and HR eyepieces and twist locks. Inserts are available in a choice of internal diameters;

50066 51mm
50067 45.5mm
50068 41.5mm(1)
50069 33mm(2)

(1) 50068 insert fits in combination with 50067 insert.
(2) 50069 insert fits in combination with 50068 and 50067 inserts.

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