Rare and Scarce Birds in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire & East Midlands 2023 DVD

Rare and Scarce Birds in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire & East Midlands 2023 DVD
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Lincolnshire again attracted some very good birds throughout the year including Falcated Duck at Covenham Reservoir, Semi-palmated Sandpiper, White-rumped Sandpiper, Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Lesser Yellowlegs & breeding Black-winged Stilts at Frampton Marsh, breeding Marsh Warblers at Chapel Six Marshes, Bee-eaters & Woodchat Shrike at Gibraltar Point, plus Hoopoe at two locations.

Yorkshire produced another good crop of rarities including Brown Booby at South Gare, Red-headed Bunting & Two-barred Greenish Warbler at Flamborough, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper at Blacktoft Sands, Red-flanked Bluetail at Easington, Black-throated Thrushes at Wykeham & Tophill Low, Squacco Heron at Filey, Night Herons at Osset, breeding Black-winged Stilts at Edderthorpe, Red-eyed Vireo at Bempton Cliffs, plus Broad-billed & White-rumped Sandpipers at Hatfield Moors.

Elsewhere, the Grey-headed Lapwing at Low Newton was a major national rarity, as was the White-crowned Sparrow in Sussex. A Caspian Tern was at Misson, Notts. Norfolk hosted a Wilson's Phalarope and the long-staying Long-billed Dowitcher at Cley

The usual Scilly Isles summary includes clips of Red-footed Booby, Bobolink, Little BuntingRed-eyed Vireo, Little Bunting, Melodious Warbler, Buff-breasted Sandpiper, etc.

All of the above and lots more, are included in this edition which has a total running time of approx. 196 minutes. The usual narration provides information for each sighting.

Disc 1

  1. Snow Buntings, Easington, East Yorks. – Jan.

  2Falcated Duck, Covenham Res., Lincs.– Jan.

  3. American Wigeon, Woodhall Spa, Lincs. – Feb.

  4. Black-throated Thrush, Wykeham, North Yorks. – Feb.

  5. Snow Bunting, Barton, Lincs. – Feb.

  6. Alpine Swifts, Chapel Six Marshes, Lincs. – March

  7. Long-tailed Duck, Barton, Lincs. – March

  8. Common Scoters, North Cave, Lincs. – March

  9. Great Northern Diver, Covenham Res., Lincs. – March

10. Night Herons, Osset, West Yorks. – April

11. Ring-necked Duck, RSPB Old Moor, Sth. Yorks. – April

12. Long-billed Dowitcher, Cley, Norfolk. – April

13. Ring Ouzel, Sammy’s Point, East Yorks. – April

14. Hoopoe, Moortown, Lincs. – April

15. White-crowned Sparrow, Hope Gap, East Sussex – April

16. Black-winged Stilt, RSPB Frampton Marsh, Lincs.. – May

17. Grey-headed Lapwing, Low Newton, Northumberland – May

18. Black-winged Stilts, RSPB Frampton Marsh, Lincs.. – May

19. Blue-winged Teal, RSPB Freiston Shore, Lincs. – May

20. Night Herons, Sea View Farm, Lincs. – May

21. Lesser Scaup, Sea View Farm, Lincs. – May

22. American Golden Plover, RSPB Frampton Marsh, Lincs.. – May

23. Dotterel, Tetney, Lincs, – May

24. Bee-eaters, Gibraltar Point NNR, Lincs., - May

25. Red-backed Shrike, Spurn Point, East Yorks. – May

26. American Golden Plover, Paull Holme Strays, East Yorks. – May

27. Glossy Ibis, Alkborough, Lincs. - May

28. Temminck’s Stint, Toft Newton Res., Lincs.. - May

29. Squacco Heron, Filey Dams, North Yorks.. - May

30. Broad-billed Sandpiper, Hatfield Moors, South Yorks., – May

31. Great Snipe, Spurn Point, East Yorks. – June

32. Red-backed Shrike Spurn Point, East Yorks. – June

33. Black-winged Stilt chicks, RSPB Frampton Marsh, Lincs. – June

34. Marsh Warbler, Chapel Six Marshes, Lincs.  – June

35. Lesser Yellowlegs, Manby Flashes, Lincs. – June

36. White-rumped Sandpiper, Hatfield Moors, South Yorks., – June

37. Black-winged Stilt chicks, RSPB Edderthorpe Flash, Sth. Yorks. – June

38. Night Heron, RSPB Adwick Washlands, South Yorks., – July

39. Red-necked Phalarope, RSPB Frampton Marsh, Lincs. – July

40. Caspian Tern, Misson, Notts. – July

41. Black-winged Stilt juvs., RSPB Frampton Marsh, Lincs. – July

42. Foxes, Killingholme, Lincs. – July

43. Red-backed Shrike, Auckley Common, Souh Yorks.. – Aug.

44. Blue-winged Teal, Tophill Low, East Yorks. – Aug.

45. Pectoral Sandpiper, Tophill Low, East Yorks. – Aug.

Disc 2

  1. Red-necked Phalarope, North Cave Wetlands, East Yorks. – Sept.

  2. Woodchat Shrike, Gibraltar Point NNR, Lincs. – Sept.

  3. Brown Booby, South Gare, Cleveland – Sept.

  4. Cattle Egrets, Mablethorpe & Frampton, Lincs. – Sept.

  5. Long-tailed Skua, RSPB Frampton Marsh, Lincs. – Sept.

  6. Red-flanked Bluetail, Easington, East Yorks. – Sept.

  7. Lesser Yellowlegs, RSPB Frampton Marsh, Lincs. – Sept.

  8. White-rumped Sandpiper, RSPB Frampton Marsh, Lincs. – Sept.

  9. Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, RSPB Blacktoft Sands, East Yorks. – Sept.

10. Wilson’s Phalarope, Wells, Norfolk – Sept.

11. Red-eyed Vireo, RSPB Bempton Cliffs, East Yorks. – Oct.

12. Semi-palmated Sandpiper, RSPB Frampton Marsh, Lincs. – Oct.

13. Buff-breasted Sandpiper, RSPB Frampton Marsh, Lincs. – Oct.

14. Scilly Isles Summary – Oct.

15. American Wigeon, Tophill Low, East Yorks. – Oct.

16. Long-tailed Duck, Kilnsea, East Yorks. – Oct.

17. Waxwings, Bridlington, East Yorks. – Oct

18. Red-headed Bunting, Flamborough, East Yorks. – Oct.

19. Two-barred Greenish Warbler, Flamborough, East Yorks. – Oct..

20. Hoopoe, Bardney Dairies, Lincs. – Oct.

21. Rough-legged Buzzard, Stone Creek, East Yorks. – Nov.

22Long-tailed Duck, East Halton, Lincs. – Nov.

23. Great Northern Divers, Toft Newton Res., Lincs. – Nov.

24. Slavonian Grebe, Covenham Res., Lincs. – Nov.

25. Osprey, Messingham, Lincs. – Nov.

26. Black-throated Diver, etc., Scarborough, North Yorks. – Nov.

27. Smew, etc., Covenham Reservoir, Lincs. – Nov.

28. Black-throated Thrush, Tophill Low, East Yorks. – Dec.

29Waxwings, Gainsborough, Lincs. – Dec.

30Lesser Yellowlegs, RSPB Frampton Marsh, Lincs. – Dec.

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